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Humanitarian Project Funding Opportunities and Solutions

Axton Regal has become a resource to several private financial groups and companies looking to allocate funding to humanitarian projects.  Axton Regal helps by sourcing, pre-screening, gathering details and preparing presentation packages on viable projects that private funders review for possible funding. 

How it Works

Most of the funding sources that we work with participate in very high-level Bank Trading platforms. These platforms generate substantial profits and the operators of these platforms require that these participants/ groups dedicate a large percentage of their earnings to "Humanitarian" projects.


We are part of a team that identifies and pre-screens projects for these funders.  Each funder will provide a set of criteria for the types/ locations of projects they support with their budgets and how the proposal for a project is to be presented.  Our team matches the funders requests with an active inventory of  potential projects that we have and prepare a package in line with the funder's requirements.  After project submission, the funder will in turn review the package and possibly come back with questions.  The final decision is entirely at the discretion of the individual private funder. 


How Long Does the Process Take?

The timeline for the process depends entirely on each of the private funders. The average timeline is between 6 to 9 months to get a positive response from a funder, but depending on the needs and requirements of some funders we have had responses in less than 30 days, with funding approval letters going out to Project Owners in 30 days after that. So it's really a case by case basis. We are constantly  accepting projects for funding consideration to have them ready for submission to funders when they request them.


How Much Does it Cost for Our Services?

Axton Regal is paid for its services in the form of an Administration Fee at the time an accepted project has a signed a funding contract and has received the funds. We never charge any upfront fees for our services and you are never obligated to anything until you agree and accept a written offer from one of our funders. In essence, we are performance based. You get your funds and then we get paid a fee.

Download and Submit
"Project Funding Request Form"

Submitting our project Funding Request form is an easy process and will allow us to know how we can best help your project achieve its purpose. Please download the form and follow the instructions.

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