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Power Amplification Generator

A truly green energy solution is finally here.

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What is PAG?

The Power Amplification Generator (PAG) is a machine that boosts input energy sevenfold. It uses a patent-pending combination of coils and electromagnetic fields to enhance power. The latest model, MARK-6, successfully increases 20 Kw/H to 140 Kw/H.

*The images in this video are renders of the upcoming exterior housing for the PAG MARK-6.


PAG is a Win-Win for All


86% Energy Savings

PAG can amplify energy by a factor of seven, which translates to an 86% reduction on your energy bill.



Due to PAG's unique operating system, it does not create significant noises during operations.



PAG Amplifies energy through a system of static coils and releases no harmful emissions or pollutants.


No Moving Parts
Longer Lifespan

PAG has no moving parts. The static system does not wear easily and need little to no maintenance.

The Team Behind PAG

Actual PAG MARK-5

The images and videos above show the upcoming design for PAG MARK-6. Although the design will be changing, the machine will still be able to amplify power 7x.

PATENT: PCT/IB2022/056368


SUMMARIZED ABSTRACT: This system is made up of winding low-voltage wire and high-voltage windings on a set of 3 cores per steel core, counting from the left to right cores as A, B, and C respectively. The generator will receive power. Input for operation from the main power source at axis B. Make the correct connection. The power produced is twice the input power. The machine will produce 2 axes of power output from the input 1 axis is supplied to the same generator in the next series. multiply until the desired power is obtained. Therefore, part of the electricity produced in the last layer is available for use. However, a 3-phase transformer can be used as a power generator set.

Corporate & Sales Structure

TSG Global Holdings

The Mother Company

Since the early 20th century, The Sandi Group Global Holdings (TSG GH) has significantly impacted emerging markets in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, specializing in infrastructure, IT, and security. Their collaborative efforts with governments, corporations, and NGOs highlight their commitment to global development. 


IP/Patent Holder

Founded in 2016, TSGP, a joint venture between TSG Global Holdings, focuses on developing and commercializing green energy technologies like the PAG. TSGP holds the IP rights of PAG, and has a very skilled and experienced team innovators focusing on creating sustainable energy solutions for the world.

Axton Regal LLC.

Licensing Agent

A US-based International Commodities and Business Development Firm led by experienced professionals. As a Global Technology Innovator with Project Funding capabilities they tackle humanitarian challenges like Clean Water, Solar Power, Waste to Energy, Clean Energy, Food Production, and Green Housing. 

With PAG, the Possibilities are Endless!

Use PAG for Your Business

Reach out to us today to learn more about PAG and to begin your ordering process. With an 86% reduction on your energy bill, PAG could be that thing that helps you reach the next level of profitability for your business.

Become a PAG License Holder

We are offering exclusive licenses to manufacture and distribute PAG in certain territories around the world. If you are interested in learning more about this, please schedule a meeting with us through the link below.

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