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Bernie Tay

Mr. Tay is one of TSG seasoned technical executive with over 20 years of experience in the areas of system engineering, mobile solutions, B2B networks and planning, TSG’s Power Amplification Generator (PAG) and many other technologies related initiative

Bernie's Bio

• 10 Years as a technology Director with TSG including the development and operationalization of the TSG Power Amplification Generator (PAG)

• 8+ years of hands-on experience designing, developing, and implementing applications and solutions using a range of technologies and programming languages.

• 2010-2014 - Google – Product specialist APAC. Managed overall operations of the company. Managed Business development and technical strategy. Managed the organization IT systems and staff.

• 2003 – 2010 - Motorola -managed mobile operations and technical network. Managed network performance. Managed regional technical team and strategy for implementation. Designed and developed the application using Agile Scrum and TDD (Test Driven Development) methodology by breaking down the project to several sprints.

• 2001 – 2003 - Sun Microsystems- Software Architect and Engineer. Managed end-to-end delivery of wireless technology. Architected software solutions, Developed and managed the servicer systems and webservers. Managed server farms supporting Government. Mentored 8 new Senior developers on expanding JavaScript, React.js, Angular Framework, Vue.js skillset.

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