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All Hands In

Our Team: A Symphony of Collaboration

"No one can whistle a symphony..."

Welcome to our team page, where each member plays a vital role in creating our harmonious melody of success. Just like in an orchestra, where every note matters, our team thrives on the unique talents and contributions of each individual. Together, we blend our skills, experiences, and passions to compose innovative solutions and achieve outstanding results. Meet the diverse ensemble of professionals who make our symphony resound with excellence and creativity.

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Daniel J. Berardi

Founder & CEO

Danny is one the most charismatic and genuine people you will ever meet. With a heart of gold and a mind that was made for business, you'll soon feel like he is a part of the family.

Kevin Martin Chan

Founder | President

Kevin is "All in for All Life", and has dedicated the best of his abilities to helping this world achieve a balance between sustainability and innovation. With an unbreakable positivity and a mind sharp like a knife, Kevin always jumps into serious issues with a smile on his face.

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Suzanne V. Gurshin

Founder & CFO

With a true connection to a divine line of information, Suzanne is not only skilled at keeping the finances of our company tip top, but she is also one of the most creative problem solvers you'll ever meet. 

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Michael Strasser

Chief of Business Development

"The only thing holding me back is sleep". A direct quote from this phenomenally talented and driven man. With a long successful history as a licensed broker on Wall-street, Michael is now using his deep knowledge and experience in the world of finance to help us make a brighter future for all life on this beautiful world.

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Steven Osakue

Chief Technical Officer

Steven is a visionary powerhouse who seamlessly blends professionalism with his passion for helping the world become more sustainable. His ability solve critical issues while remaining as chill as a cucumber is exactly what you need around when working through those game chaining deals and projects.

Kimberly Koschinger

Head of Asian Business Development

As a resident of Southeast Asia, Kimberly developed a deep love and care for the communities that she grew up around, always being pulled towards helping those in need, in any way she could. With her pure heart and a focused vision, Kimberly leads our development of projects in Southeast Asia. 

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