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Kamran Atri

Result-Driven Executive and Globally Minded Leader with an eye for the big picture, offering over 20 Years of Technological, Managerial and Streamlining Operations. Developed strategic Partnership with Commercial and Federal Government leading research institutions to collaborate on developing novel AI and machine Learning sensor technology.

Kamran's Bio

  • 18 Years as a trusted technology adviser to Department of Homeland Security

  • 12 Years as a trusted technology advisor to Department of Defense

  • 8 years as a chairman (appointed) of 27 US Government Agency Standardization policy making body (NIEM.GOV)

  • 10 years with DHS Science and technology office, Transitioning Research and Development technology into production ready state.

  • 4 years developing Heavy Rare Earth associated Technology. An Inventor

  • Power Amplification Generator Lead Inventor 



  • TSG-ADTS- Autonomous Drone Technologies Solutions

  • PAG- Power Amplification Generator

  • PC360 – National Biometrics Identity Management System

  • RSS ITD – Remote Sensing System – Invisible Identification

    and Threat Detection

  • iCASPER – Geo Localization All-Hazard Emergency

    Management Respond and Recovery System.

  • DREAMS – Digitalized Real Estate Assessment

    Management System

  • STIC – Signal Tracking Intelligence and E-Commerce

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