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Rubar Sandi

Dr. Rubar Sandi is the Chairman and CEO of TSG Global Holdings (TSG), a group of affiliated ompanies and subsidiaries with offices and projects worldwide. TSG has worked with many U.S. and foreign government agencies, multinational and regional corporations, NGOs, and media organizations and enjoys an excellent reputation and relationship with the U.S. government, Congressional leaders, and many global leaders and investors necessary to successfully execute complex projects.

Rubar's Bio

Dr. Sandi has completed numerous large-scale projects in Asia Pacific, South Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and North America. He has worked with the U.S. Government as a Senior Advisor for over thirty years, providing economic, political, and cultural expertise to senior policy and decision makers. He authored the Phoenix Plan, the Department of State's white paper for rebuilding Iraq.

Dr. Sandi has extensive knowledge and experience in assisting nation-states with large-scale development and modernization projects, including, but not limited to, power generation (renewable and traditional), power transmission and distribution, mining, oil and gas, agriculture, health (hospitals, clinics, and related services), real estate development, telecommunications, roads, railroads, ports/airports, security, water purification, disaster relief, sewage and waste management and other development projects worldwide in challenging environments.

In every market TSG has been active in, Dr. Sandi played a significant role in developing the private sector and, in the process, created thousands of work opportunities for local citizens. Dr. Sandi's philosophy in emerging regions is to exceed stakeholders' requirements and expectations and ensure that his efforts improve the lives of the country's citizens by creating jobs and improving access to health care, education, security, and infrastructure.

Dr. Sandi, in conjunction with the U.S. technical staff and TSG's office in Thailand, has overseen the development of the Power Amplification Generator (PAG). The PAG is a cutting- edge technology that is revolutionizing the power generation industry. The technology allows for the amplification of electricity by seven hundred percent (700%). Not only will the PAG reduce the cost of electricity by over eighty percent (80%), it will allow for the electrification of areas of the world that currently does not have access to electricity.

Several years ago, Dr. Sandi realized the severe economic and national security risk facing the United States and other western allies because of our dependence on importing vital natural resources, components, and elements critical to our economy and national defense. As such, Dr. Sandi systematically began securing mining rights and developed the technologies necessary to refine and process those resources for our high-tech and defense-related companies. As a result,

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