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As the need for sustainable technology and humanitarian aid increases, Axton Regal puts full focus on developing and deploying truly sustainable solutions in the fields of energy, medicine, transportation, communications, housing, and farming. It is our deep desire to assist in the sustainable growth of our societies around the world


Business Development - Venture Capital

We provide “one-stop” capital solutions (private equity capital) to Entrepreneurs, Inventors and Business Owners all over the world.  We offer a combination of capital, mentorship and advisory services. 


We understand Entrepreneurs because we are Entrepreneurs ourselves. We are always interested in learning about, meeting with and partnering with Owners- Developers of new, exciting and cutting edge technologies. We are not your average Venture Capital firm, we have access to Billions in capital and the ability to fund projects very quickly.  Our approach to funding is fresh and different from what you have ever experienced.

Gold Bullion Trading

Axton Regal, helps companies and individuals in the procurement and fulfillment of Gold Bullion. If you're looking to increase wealth or protect your hard earned assets with Gold, you've come to the right place. We offer our clients the finest Gold Bullion Bars, Dore Bars and Nuggets available. We guarantee that the gold we offer complies with the internationally accepted investment grade quality standards.


We pride ourselves in providing the best possible service that allows our clients to enhance and protect long-term wealth though the strategic acquisition of physical precious metals. We handle gold transactions worldwide from 100kg to 200 metric tons or more. If you're serious about purchasing gold, put our years of experience and long term relationships to work for you.


Sustainable Energy Technologies

Sustainable Energy Technology includes renewable energy sources (such as Solar Energy, Wind Energy, and energy from Biomass) and technologies designed to improve energy efficiency. We have a significant portfolio of cutting edge technologies that are available for worldwide deployment and we are always looking for new technologies to get involved with.

We are highly interested in the follow:


 • New Battery Technologies

 • New Solar Technologies

 • New Electric Motor Technologies

 • Waste to Energy Technologies

 • Water to Energy Technologies

 • Wind to Energy Technologies

Humanitarian Project Funding Opportunities and Solutions

Axton Regal has become a resource to several private financial groups and companies looking to allocate funding to humanitarian projects.  Axton Regal helps by sourcing, pre-screening, gathering details and preparing presentation packages on viable projects that private funders review for possible funding. 

Business Developmnt
Gld Bullion Trading
Sustainable Technologies
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