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Generates 2.5x More Power from the Sun.

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Intro to TH

Introduction to TecHologram

The Future of Solar Power is Here!

TecHologram is a revolutionary holographic technology that has been validated and proven by the Italian National Research Council to offer significant efficiency and output enhancement for solar panels. This groundbreaking holographic solution is designed to significantly enhance solar panel efficiency. This technology promises to increase solar panel output by over 100%, potentially reaching up to 250%, redefining the standards in renewable energy.


Unique Benefits

Expands Light 400%

Millions of holographic points expands light that passes through the film in all directions, causing total internal refraction (TIR).

StaticTracking System

Light hitting the holographic film from any angle will consistently project up to 300 points/cm of coherent light directly onto the solar cell.

More light

With Techologram film, solars panels can convert UV rays into harvestable energy. Something that can not be achieved with current systems


Proven to block harmful FAR-infrared rays over 10.000 nanometre. As a result this helps prolong the solar cells life of the solar panels. 


What is
Holographic Film?

Built on the basic principle found in nature in the Opal stone, which captures light and releases it in the form of fluorescence.  The holographic film is composed of millions of microstructures: 300 lines per square millimetre, which create a photonic effect comparable to a Fresnel lens and a concentration lens. The result is that the light passing through it get multiplied significantly.



Printing Patent

The Company holds the exclusive patent to the equipment and machinery for engraving nano-metric structures;
- The machinery structure is designed in two processing stages: the first stage is the spreading of UV ink on a supporting film, and the second stage is the exposure process of the cliché with the UV ink to transfer the cliché's imprint onto the UV ink;
- Application: Flexible films such as fluoropolymerFEP for external film as aftermarket product,Alternatively polyester film for put theholograms inside the solar panel

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Integrated Into A Solar Panel


TecHologram has All These Amazing 
Benefits Which Current PV Solar Panels - Do Not

  1. FIR - Far Infrared Rays: Eliminates Heat which Degrades PV Cells and Converts it to Power
  2. UV - ULTRA VIOLET RAYS: Converts UV Ray into Power
  3. TIR - TOTAL INTERNAL REFRACTION: Increases Amount Solar Rays Hitting PC Cells up to 450 times more
  4. STATIC TRACKING SYSTEM: Allows PV Panels to receive 100% of the sun rays from dawn to dusk
  5. LESS SPACE/LAND NEEDED: Reduce PV Panel Foot Print Space by 98%.
  6. SPACE/LAND REDUCED COSTS: Slash Land Costs by Up to 98%.
  7. INSTALLATION COST REDUCTION: Slash Installation Costs by Up to 98%.
  8. MAINTENANCE REDUCED COSTS: Slash Maintenance Costs by Up to 98%.
  9. FASTER INSTALLATION AND DEPLOYMENT: Reduce Installation Time by up to 95%
  10. LONGEVITY OF UNITS INCREASED: Extend PV Panel Lifespan by up to 500% through FIR Heat Effect Elimination.
  11. OVERALL INCREASED POWER: Increased Electricity Production by up to 250%
  12. OVERALL INCREASED EFFICIENCY: Increased Efficiency by up to 100%
  13. OVERAL COST SAVINGS: Reduce Overall Cost of Solar Power Energy Solution & Installation by up to 75%

Become A Licensed
TecHologram Manufacturer

Boost power, boost profitability!

We are now offering manufacturing licenses to Solar Panel manufacturer in all territories, globally. By just adding TecHoloram to your panel, you can boost the power output of your solar panel by 250%. Reach out to our team today to schedule a meeting or request more details about becoming a licensee.

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